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We’re honoured to welcome UKIP’s Jack Sen to our team. Jack Sen was a UKIP prospective Member of Parliament for northern England before being unceremoniously, & quite publicly, suspended by Nigel Farage, one week prior to the General Election for ‘anti-Semitism’, and attempting to broach the subjects of indigenous displacement in Britain and raising the issue of the genocide being waged against White people in South Africa.

In spite of being publicly humiliated by the party he’d fought for, Jack still managed to procure 13% of the vote, surpassing several high ranking UKIP MEP’s Paul Nuttall and Paddy O’Flynn.

He’s been torn apart for his heroic patriotism by the Independent: Ukip candidate reveals he is a ‘National Socialist’ after anti-Semitic tweets, Channel 4 News, the Guardian, Mirror, Liverpool Echo etc. His scathingly sardonic writing and orations have been featured on the European Knights Project,, at the London Forum, on the Occidental Observer, UKIP West Lancs official site, ManTalk– and countless other places our best men speak out against societal injustice. Please check out Jack’s column – Jack Sen: Radically Centrist3leaflet


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