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Our article exposing far Left terrorist and Germanwings death-pilot Andreas Lubitz has now reached 25,000 people in 2 days on our site & 180k via our Facebook groups. We’ve gone from a little Facebook group with a few hundred faceless members, to reaching a million people in barely eight months! With that said we need help maintaining the page as it costs a fortune to keep our servers online when they’re being attacked by a variety of evil organisations daily. If you’d like to send us a donation, or help us on the ground, please write to…. Sincerely, EKP Director, Giacomo Vallone

The EKP – Where TRUTH lives, and hypocrites of all colours meet their maker.

Quote of the month: ‘I know nothing – nothing in the world – of the hearts of men. I only know that I am alone – horribly alone.’ F. Madox Ford


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