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Unfortunately, our email address has undergone technical problems. This means that some of you who have written to us have not heard from us. Probably, your email has not been returned as undelivered, either. We have now set up a new  email address for Ukip whistle-blowers.

We’ve moved our email address outside our borders so this does not happen again.  

If you have experiences of untoward activity in Ukip, especially relating to the leadership, multicultural pandering, corruption, sycophancy to ethnic minorities, collaboration with the Establishment, persons liked thereto or NWO agencies, we would like to know. If you would like to be kept informed please let us know. We intend to set up a ‘true purple’ pressure group in Ukip to highlight unpatriotic and corrupt activity. Your details will always be kept highly confidential.

UKIP claim they’re Britain’s answer to the Lib/Lab/Con false left-right paradigm, but are they? What if UKIP is in fact an establishment safety valve? Or worse still – controlled opposition, used by the establishment to split the PATRIOTIC vote?

In front of the European Parliament, Nigel Farage once proclaimed “UKIP is not against immigration. We welcome immigration; we want immigration.” (DEC 2013)

“Mr Farage also claimed On Any Questions that his greatest achievement was ending any chance the BNP had in coming to power. Of UKIP’s myriad of accomplishments at the time – securing 13 Members of Parliament, growing into a genuine 4th party – Farage chose UKIP’s triumph over fellow patriots as his greatest achievement.”

We hope members of our 75,000 strong returning readership will read the articles on this page, penned by UKIP insiders, to decide for themselves whether UKIP is a genuine party, or in fact a controlled opposition mechanism used to hijack organic PATRIOTIC sentiment.

All articles submitted under this logo are written by current members of Ukip or, in some instances, by ex members. To prevent their detection and expulsion
or blacklisting, they have had to keep their identities confidential.

UKIP Whistle-blowers

Desmond Wranborn, Andrew Edwards, North East Whistle-blower, and Whistleblowers 1, 2 and 3 will do their best to elucidate just HOW dangerous UKIP in fact are…..

We welcome news and information on UKIP. If you have something you believe will be of interest to us, please email us confidentially. Your message and identity will never be revealed.

If you’d like to communicate with the UKIP Whistle-blower team please write

UKIP - Fact versus Fiction
UKIP – Fact versus Fiction

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