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Jack Sen – Radically Centrist

Jack Sen, the author of the best selling, How to Get Suspended from the BNP and UKIP in 10 Articles and 2 Tweets, was a UKIP prospective Member of Parliament for northern England before being unceremoniously, & quite publicly, suspended by his party one week prior to the General Election for ‘anti-Semitism’, and attempting to broach the subjects of indigenous displacement in Britain and raising the issue of the genocide being waged against White people in South Africa.

Mr Sen’s activities have been reported on by the BBC, ITV, the Independent, by Channel 4 News, Breitbart, The Guardian, The Times, Buzzfeed, and the Daily Mirror.

His scathingly sardonic writing and orations have been featured on the European Knights Project,, at the London Forum, on the Occidental Observer, UKIP West Lancs official site, ManTalk – and countless other places our best men speak out against societal injustice.

Mr Sen has also been a frequent guest commentator on the John Wells Show, Caravan to Midnight, Rebel Radio, Red Ice radio/TV, the Pastor Manning Report among others.

His films with former Member of European Parliament, Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons are widely regarded as the most important British nationalist films of 2016.

Jack’s column on the EKP is entitled; Jack Sen, Radically centrist.  Jack doesn’t minced words so if you’re easily offended please visit another site. If you are interested in truth and fancy yourself a thought criminal, then enjoy…..

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