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Diversity Crimes Ireland

Diversity Crimes Ireland

Although but ten percent of Ireland’s population is foreign born, over one third of our prison population hails from beyond our shores. How can this be right? 

The Left bombards us with the notion that “Diversity is our greatest strength”, but is it?

Meet Alan Shatter and Ronit Lentin (bottom right), Ireland’s Bill and Barbara Spectre

I’m sure you’ve heard this inane catchphrase used before, and I’m willing to bet you’ve heard it on plenty of occasions. It has become something of a cliché at this juncture, as governments across the length and breadth of the Western world continue to implement, with reckless abandon, policies that lead to the multicultural dystopic hell most of you now find yourselves in! A reality that puts all of our lives at risk, and the very future of our nations in jeopardy.

Making matters worse is the fact that if any of us so much as question these society-destroying policies, we are deemed racist, hateful or worse!

Diversity Crimes Ireland’s mission is to expose the true consequences of diversity before Ireland reaches the point of no return.

Diversity is NOT our greatest strength. Weaponised Diversity, and the traitors in our government who actively seek to destroy our nation with it, are in fact Ireland’s greatest weakness. One that will indubitably lead to our nation’s downfall.

And this page was created out of our love for our Irish homeland.

We have no intention of inciting contempt against foreign nationals. Many non-indigenous people living in Ireland are law abiding and deserve respect. Sadly though, many migrants have arrived on our ancient shores with less than savoury intentions.

Our decision to highlight the problems Ireland faces due to enforced diversity is not motivated by racial hatred. In fact a large percentage of the violent perpetrators featured in the following articles are of European heritage – Lithuania in particular appears to have dumped many of their very worst on our hallowed isle.

The following articles have been compiled in order to illustrate the fact we have a serious problem and to tell the world that unfettered, unrestricted immigration into Ireland has enabled violent criminals to enter our country. A problem that is costing lives, destroying families and communities, and one that desperately NEEDS addressing.

Make no mistake, our nation’s diversity at any cost experiment has failed the good people of Ireland miserably.

We just want our country back.

Thank you,

Diversity Crimes Ireland

Compiled by Diversity Crimes Ireland, additional research and foreword by our staff

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