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Worcestershire BNP – Carl Mason Organiser

BNP Worcestershire

Message from Friends of the Worcestershire BNP – Carl Mason Organiser 03/09/2015

Dear friends,

My name is Carl Mason, and I am the British National Party’s organiser for Worcestershire.

I was never interested in politics until 10 years ago when, accompanied by my father, I was turned down for jobs as I was English, being told repeatedly – “Sorry, we don’t employ British people any more”.

I watched as British people were laid off on a Friday, only to be replaced Monday by a load of immigrants prepared to work for a pittance. Meanwhile, I struggled to pay my mortgage and put food on the table. I was bloody angry at being betrayed by politicians paid to serve us, so I joined the BNP.

Now I watch as these same immigrants build mosques on the sites of our ancient churches, replace our holidays with theirs and tell us that if we object, we are racist.

Am I racist to want to keep my county as it was meant to be?

If you feel as we do please feel free to contact us, join the BNP and help us take back our country.

Worcestershire BNP welcome debate and criticism, but will not tolerate smears or rants. This year in the 2014 elections the Worcester Evening News was very helpful in publishing our candidates write ups. Tom Edwards was especially helpful with the wording we could use. I wonder if we will always be treated fairly, or will they change in the future. It’s a pity other media out lets can’t be as honest as the Worcester news. Why do they mistreat the BNP candidates? It’s no surprise as they fear the truth, and are corrupt, so will do what ever their pay masters tell them to do. But if they think they will be saved from the Cudenhove-Kalegri plan, then they are mistaken.

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Warmest regards,

Carl Mason

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