Idyllic Worcester – from Historic City to Migrant Settlement

“My little piece of Worcester, Keble Close, now has more in common with Mogadishu and Beirut than it does Britain.” Carl Mason

by Carl Mason

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I have been reflecting upon the impact of a Leftist local government on the indigenous population of Worcester, of late an awful lot, and I am perturbed.

There are now more immigrants living in Keble Close where I live than there are indigenous Brits. The immigrants’ children now outnumber indigenous kids 3:1.  

Yes three to one!  

Fresh migrant camp eviction revives fears of Channel crossing spike |  Droitwich Advertiser

On one of my walks across town I recently passed a Labour supporter on the Square, and much to my surprise (sarcasm) the fool thinks it’s “marvelous” to have a diverse collection of economic invaders inhabiting our once quintessentially British town.  I wonder if this guy has stopped to think about the fact that his own kids are now an ethnic minority in his own street. Probably not. I wonder if he has stopped to thing how his own family are now hated by his beloved migrants and his kids will be eventually taught to hate themselves. Again, i think not. 

I also highly doubt it has even once thought how this will have an impact on the future on jobs and housing prospects for his kids. Again, i think he hasn’t, nor do i think he wishes to for a moment as it’ s convenient not to. Nor do i think he has once stopped to think about the benefits his newfound mates might wish to access in the future.   I’d like to ask him what will happen to the indigenous kids once they are openly discriminated against by the Muslims, who are nearly now in the majority in Worcester – people who admittedly see non Muslims as second class people-lower in worth.  

Worcester refugee assistance project (WRAP)Worcester, MA - Home

Then there the rest of our city’s migrants – the poor who hail from across Europe who will inevitably band together against all the others in their relentless pursuit of jobs.   This is already happening at the Job Agencies who now employ directly from Europe, thus bypassing the traditional job market. They dont need to hire muslim migrants as these people have no reason to work! they get it all for free!

I'm concerned about "appalling" suffering of children at Dunkirk refugee  camp, Worcester's MP tells the Commons | Worcester News

The local indigenous Brits are no longer even told about jobs that are available. Then there are the Widnrush gen who cruy racism every chance they get! People who literally REJECT employment, citing racist work environments so they can claim additional benefits and stay unemployed. The Blacks will then cry racism and slavery at every opportunity, making for a most divisive situation in a once normal, peaceful place like Worcester – all products of multiculturalism  and diversity thrust upon a people who had no opportunity, nor any wish, to agree or disagree with it. 

In New York recently a White fireman, who heroically had helped rescue people on 9/11, was asked to step down from a Remembrance Parade as they wanted Black firemen only to attend. The Black firefighters’ Union rep denied it was racist, and no doubt no one dared contest his assertion.
This is your future and your kids’ future. Take a moment to reflect upon it!
And who can we blame? In a sad we only have our own people to blame as we still are in fact the majority and have the power of the vote at our disposal. Although our choice is limited by our system of democracy we stil call the shots. If we had chosen to vote BNP we might not be in the mess we find ourselves in. As disfunctional as UKIP became, we still chose to vote in the establishment over their candidates. Jack Sen (Lib Def), whne running for UKIP, reached 6500 votes which in spite of his efforts still only represented 13% of his contituents.   Although the Tories are seemingly better at this juncture, make no mistake they all voted for mass immigration, for the wars in the mid east that resulted in the turmoil wefind ourselves in. The Tories in fact supported Tony Blair’s globalist  ambtitions more than his ow Labour back benchers! Make no mistake, for every Enoch Powell there are 100 Tory globalists and another 100 Labour traitors.

More than 5,000 migrants reach UK by small boat in 2020 | Worcester News

With regards to the Labour party. Not only do they push globalism and the relentless undoing of this country but now literally hate this country! And they dont even try and hide it!

And the Labour Left are not the only political party that hate the tradtional values and virtues of this country. The Greens and Libdems have been infiltrated in the same way by the Left/ Socialists, with the aim of controlling most of the political spectrum and of pushing their Socialist / Communist agenda. By getting loyal voters, who are blatantly unaware of the shift that has been happening in these parties, to elect them and covertly bringing in policies people didn’t vote for.

Let us consider the implications of voting for the Left and their policies. Would you let an adult sit on your porch and show gay porn to your kids? Well, of course not! Yet, you allow a teacher do it to promote the gay agenda in the schools your kids attend. Did you vote for that? Naturally, not, you might say, but carry on voting them in.

What is happening is that the Left and Labour are involved in the genetic engineering, out of existence, of the White indigenous population via their open borders policy and their diversity agenda. Oh, how the Marxist Black lying Morons are being lionised by the White liberal Left! 

Economic migrants didn’t come here until the 50s/60s and weren’t offended by our history or statues. They were only too happy to be here in this ‘racist’ country-take the knee, my arse. I wonder when Blacks are going to admit to Blacks running the slave trade? Or to the fact that it was Jewish financiers who helped fund it. Economic invaders are here to make the White indigenous people a minority in Europe. Just look how the population of English towns is changing from White majority to White minority.

You might be appalled by this, but it is all being supported by the Liberal / Left clappy clappy brigade. Do they really think they and their children will be spared being ethnically cleansed from Europe? It’s their Kalergi plan in operation -“No more White Christian countries.” Every year the elite hold the Kalergi awards ceremony to dish out medals to Zionists like Angela Merkel (Dorothea Kazner), David Cameron (family name Levian), Sarkozy, for their contribution to immigration into Europe.

Ireland’s, Dr Allan Shatter who, as Ireland’s immigration minister, opened up Ireland’s borders to uncontrolled Muslim and other Scum states to invade Ireland. The Kalergi awards recently procalimed that Ireland’s second language is now Polish, it’s thrid Arabic.  

Does Ireland really need 60,000 Muslims in a Christian land? No, it doesn’t.   The damage to Ireland will become evident more quickly as it’s a small country. In 25 years’ time the White Christians of Ireland will be a minority. They will have to change the curriculum in schools to accommodate Islamic/ African or Polish history, culture and religious events.   The Gimmegrants will outbreed the indigenous people to remove their DNA and culture and history. This will pave the way for the ” Negroid/ Asian hybrid to replace European Whites, as stated in Count Niklas-Cudenhoves book ‘Europa’ which he wrote in 1923, with a European flag very similar to the EU rag we were forced to adopt. These arent my words, but the words and sentiments of the man behind the EU!

Look how the Remainiacs tried to block Brexit, by any means possible-that’s how determined the Labour/ Left want to remove all opposition to White genocide. Even Eastern European countries will be forced to accept Muslims and Blacks into their countries to become more diverse once all their “best and brightest” have settled here. 

Think on this please….   

Whom will you complain to when the time comes? Your Muslim/ African Councillors? MPs? Media? Armed forces? Nobody will be there to save you and your family. Only you can do that. Let’s united and DEFEND our LIBERTY and RESIST Now! While we still have time….

Thank you    Carl Mason