Alt-Right Homosexual agenda exemplified by Richard Spencer’s boy Jack Donovan’s Nietzsche pic

This is Jack Donovan, the openly aggressive predatory homosexual speaker at the Richard Spencer’s NPI event in 2015.

The next year he had a Brit speaker called “Millennial Woes, ” who describes himself as a “chain-smoking, alcoholic homosexual.” It turns out he’s bisexual according to someone we ahve on the inside of NPI.

Perhaps this is the worst example of deviance and disrespect embedded deep into the fabric of the Alt Right. Listen to

Gay-voiced Spencer with the esteemed academic, Dr Kevin MacDonald

How much of that voice can you stomach, and why does he call Professor MacDonald by his first name? And why are so few Millennials picking up on the fact these people are queer? perhaps as I have heard on so many occasions, the “Alt Right is little more than a Pro-White strand of Leftism.” That’s in fact something Jack Sen and Nick Griffin spoke about at length on an episode of Resistance Reports covering examples of deviance in the Alt Right

For the record, I never call men old enough to be my father by their first name, especially not men of great distinction, ESPECIALLY on camera. Spencer is a prime example of what happens to solid stock white males after four decades of Left wing indoctrination.

Great talk by the good Doctor – bog standard cringe-worthy verbal diarrhea from Spencer.


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