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Nat Action “Anti-Semite”, Jack Renshaw, meets his Zionist handler, Jew, Jack Buckby for Hope Not Hate photo op

‘Nationalist’ and police informant, Jack Renshaw, conspires with Zionist Jack Buckby. (Thought he was an anti-semite and Jack Buckby, a Jew?)

by Carl Mason

We aren’t going to waste time too much time on these two pint sized clowns.

But, here are a few fun facts for people so they can make up their own mind about

  1. Jack Renshaw, who looks awfully like the actor afflicted with Downs Syndrome, Corky (Buckby like harry potter)

was kicked out the BNP for ‘extremist speech’ and bringing the party into disrepute-something he genuinely did. I was still a member of the BNP at the time and can tell you his antics cause us a lot of problems.

  1. Jack Renshaw has been arrested for hate speech against jews
  2. Jack Renshaw has been recorded on film as saying Hitler was right

Here are a few headlines, other things the little shit has said.

“National Action Member Jack Renshaw Under Investigation After Calling For Jews To Be ‘Removed’

Neo-Nazi Jack Renshaw faces prosecution ‘after telling secret meeting that Jews should be ‘eradicated’ and Hitler was too soft’ (Daily Mail)

“Hope Not Hate on Jack Renshaw’s Call for Another Holocaust”

So what pray tell is he doing shaking hands for a Hope Not Hate photo-op with Zionist supremacist and Jew, Jack Buckby?

55kg Buckby has finally found someone he can beat up!

The other clown in the photo is a British nationalist by the name of Jack Buckby.

A few funfacts about Jack Buckby

  1. Jack Buckby, although we do think he is somewhat sincere, is admittedly Jewish
  2. Jack Buckby’s organisations are funded by American Zionist organisations.
  3. Jack Buckby’s nationalism starts and ends with criticism of Islam


Jack Resnhaw, like Jez Turner, another ‘anti-semite’ often times seen in the company of Zionists, is either a cop, funded by cops, or is being funded by Zionists based in the US.

Although both Buckby’s “Proud Boy Network” and Renshaw’s Nat Action promote some of the same causes – homosexuality, immigration reform etc, the fact that Renshaw was arrested for calling for Jews to be gassed, and Buckby’s being JEWISH should have been enough to kill off any chance of a hand shake. But it didn’t.


Our opinion is that although the naïve Buckby is somewhat genuine, Renshaw is simply on the take.

The fact the little cunt broke down into tears when he was nicked, begged the cops to let him go, proposing he assist them in their war on Nationalists like me, should tell you all you need to know about Jack Corky the Copper Renshaw.

We will leave you with this: Midgets who hide their faces and/or perform Nazi salutes even after they’ve been nicked by the cops, are best left to their own devices.

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