Exposing Paedophile Apologist Liverpool Echo Reporter-Staff, Rhian Lubin & Chris Walker

chris walker
Paedophile Apologist, Liverpool Echo’s, Chris Walker

 “The left and vile anti-white reporters like the Liverpool Echo’s (Trinity Mirror group) Rhian Lubin  and Chris Walker, are COMPLICIT in the rape of our children.”

This story is TRUE and must be shared. Thanks to Smash Cultural Marxism, who exposed Luciana Berger, for assisting.

“Nationalists are worse in my opinion than paedophiles (Islamist pedophiles) as at least pedophiles can change!” Rhian Lubin, Reporter Trinity Mirror, Liverpool Echo
Well that might explain why the Liverpool Echo regularly give pedophilia (US spelling) a FREE pass.
And you might want to exercise a bit before you crop your shirt and flex for the camera, Carrot Top. Liverpool’s apparently tired of your Leftist bias and feminist exhibitionism on nights out.
This was sent to us from Britain. Hopefully, having this article on the EKP site will help Ellen expose the Liverpool Echo and their reporters for the Marxist filth they are. Although this story might only be relevant to Liverpool, our hope is our search engine power will reach the people it is intended for. Regardless, it is a good read and well worth a gander whether you’re from the States, NZ, or beyond….
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Chris Walker Echo supporting Paedophilia through Marxist Journalism
contributed by EKP bloggers, Ellen T/Theresa D – their views, passion and love for English culture & values.
This past year members of our British team spent an inordinate amount of time communicating with several writers at the Liverpool Echo, including Echo correspondent Rhian Lubin, regarding Labour’s complicity in the sexualisation and abuse of children. I’ve selected Lubin for this story, due to her tendency to shoot her mouth off around Liverpool about her being a “journalist for the Trinity Mirror group”, open hostility towards anything remotely conservative, her arrogance, idiocy, dishonesty and, above all, because I can’t stand her. In fact most of her equally dishonest colleagues at the Echo, several of whom I also know personally, feel likewise.
Firstly, this girl never stops talking about her ambitions and how she hopes she can use her “position and power at the Echo to expose right wing groups like the BNP, promote feminism, push gay marriage and expose white privilege” etc. FYI, I’m not a supporter of the BNP, UKIP, Britain First, the EDL, the Tories or any right of centre political party for that matter. They’re certainly better than the Leftist scum the Echo support, but still not my cuppa.
What Lubin would never do however is use her “position and (non-existent) power” to expose the people actually raping children, or better still, the Leftist establishment complicit in facilitating the widespread sexual abuse of our society’s most vulnerable-ie her support for Liverpool Labour politicians.
Whenever I have broached the subject of the Echo’s bias and asked why the paper refuse to report on issues like Rotherham, Lubin, who describes herself as “an “occasionally Jewish, ginger feminist” (hilarious image. I keep thinking of that ginger Islamist, Jordan Horner ;)  response has always been, “it’s a non-story and it wouldn’t suit our narrative.”
You’re a journalist! (not really, but…) Don’t you have an obligation to disseminate truth? Expose actual injustice? Use your pulpit to help people?
Apparently not.
One of my husband’s mates, who’d spent the better part of 4 years just outside Rotherham in Parkgate, communicated with Rhian through his friends at Tab – a local rag Lubin is affiliated with, on several occasions, inquiring why the Echo had refused to expose the massive Leftist cover-up which resulted in more than 1400 children being raped by packs of Islamic grooming gangs. He never received a reply.
He contacted me due to the fact that I am chummy with several writers at the Echo, including at one time, Lubin!
Over the past few months I have compiled a veritable dossier of impropriety on the Echo and Lubin, that would make the journalists at the Sun blush with shame.
From ignoring stories that didn’t quite fit their Marxist narrative, to lying, fabricating reports-Lubin, Waddington and the rest of the dishonest, abhorrent scum at the Echo should truly be ashamed of themselves.
Any person that inadvertently happens upon a copy of the Echo NEEDS to know that its reporters,especially Lubin, will write ANYTHING to push their agenda. That includes fabricating facts and bullying witnesses if it means they can manufacture a story. Real stories, i.e. ones exposing actual injustice, that don’t fit in with their Leftist agenda, are routinely ignored, while lies or fake news stories are pushed.
A few examples:
A friend of mine, a Norwegian national and student at Liverpool University approached Lubin and her colleagues at the Liverpool Echo about doing a story on Norway and how mass immigration had taken a once peaceful Nordic nation to the brink of tragedy-from the perspective of a Norwegian girl that had fled an Islamic ghetto after being raped three times during her final year at school. They thought that the Norwegian rape epidemic, where 93% of all rapes are perpetrated by foreigners, and this Liverpool University student’s tragic tale, were again, non-stories.
Then there was the case of the Rochdale gang that raped girls from Manchester to Liverpool.
Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, Britain’s most senior Muslim leader, told the London Evening Standard that many “Pakistani men believe that white girls of any age are fair game. And we have to be prepared to say that. You can only start solving a problem if you acknowledge it first.”
When asked if the Echo were interested in running a story on Warsi’s comments, during or even after the Liverpool-based trial of the men that committed some the most heinous acts of rape on record, Lubin this time replied, “it’s not something we would consider covering at this time.”
Our Namibian correspondent of German origin, now living in the Wirral (region near Liverpool), independently contacted her about the tragic rape of white South African children and genocide that the international media ignores, to which she also responded; “again, it’s not a story we would do as it doesn’t pertain to Liverpool.”
When he asked her if she would take it to her boss, she refused.
Lubin actually had the nerve to ask Johannes what his nationality was and if the “people raping the children might be black?” – the implication being that his racial animus was behind his desire to expose the rape of children.
The fact that one in three black South Africans admits to having raped a woman, and one in four predominantly black children has been victimised by rape in SA, was irrelevant.
Then there was Lubin’s colleague, reporter Marc Waddington, who published an article which claimed that British National Party Mayoral candidate, Mike Whitby, had forged a signature on his Mayoral nomination paper, when he didn’t.
Waddington had reviewed Whitby’s nomination paper and discovered that most of the signatories lived on the same street so he assumed, by nature of the fact that the BNP were racist and therefore had to be election fraudsters, that Whitby had pulled a fast one!
The Liverpool Electoral Services office came to Whitby’s defence, yet Waddington pressed on, bullying the local residents-many of them seniors, who’d signed the nominating form, into believing that they’d done something wrong, simply by nominating a member of the British National Party to stand for the position of Liverpool Mayor.
When Lubin was asked on a night out her opinion of the incident, she laughed, claiming that “they deserved it, so who fucking cares if it’s lies. The BNP are scum and I codn’t care less if it isn’t true.”
I wonder if she thinks the Rotherham 1400 deserve it, as well!
Leftist logic, rape apologism and journalistic integrity at its finest!
Regardless of how this Red Marxist rat justifies her hatred, the Echo won’t run stories on anything that doesn’t push their warped Leftist narrative, as in the eyes of Marxist filth like Rhian Lubin, the rape of children, unless they’re being raped by their white dads, is a “non-story”.
If it weren’t, we’d be reading about South Africa being the rape capital of the world, and Norwegian schoolgirls being preyed upon by Muslims with a tendency to rape, as often as we read about non-existent ‘rape culture’ in the civilised west-something I am certain Lubin will write about before she’s said and done with the Trinity Mirror.
note-Pole dancing and how it liberates women – something Lubin has written about extensively, apparently is newsworthy.


We then contacted Lubin, author of the Pulitzer Prize winning,’My Housemate’s a Feminist Pole Dancer’, (sarcasm-the girl is a philistine with the writing prowess of a Zimbabwean educated pygmy), several times regarding the rampant child and sexual abuse facilitated by Liverpool’s Leftist social services and child protective services, to which she reiterated her position, that like our other scoops,  it was “a non- story”.
In fact, over the past year we communicated with the Echo about Labour’s failure to protect area children from predators, their support of a mosque that might facilitate sex grooming, among countless other important topics her paper routinely ignores.
Our calls always fell on deaf ears….
You see leftists promote the sort of degeneracy we see infecting our lands unapologetically.
From teens pole dancing their way drunkenly through university, to our children being preyed upon by Leftist facilitated paedophilia-the Marxist Left know NO bounds to dishonesty, deviance and dirty-handed trickery.
As long as it attacks Western values, harms family and undermines decency, they’re game.
Sadly, it’s Cretins like Lubin, that dictate who the sheeple are permitted to feel sorry for, and also just who receives blame.
If Lubin were to discover that one of the victims we hoped she’d assist had been abused by someone affiliated with a Conservative political party or father’s rights group, I’m certain she’d have swooped down on her broom to get the scoop! If that person were gay or black-she’d have flown back from whence she came.
(If you have  a problem with Rhian Lubin’s Marxist bias and dirty journlaism, I’d advise everyone to contacther bosses at the Trinity Mirror/Liverpool Echo and voice your disapproval. I’d also urge people to boycott the newspaper.)
But this shouldn’t surprise anyone.
From Labour Politician Harriet Harman’s active support of paedophilia throughout her law career, to the aforementioned Liverpool Echo reporter’s blatant disregard of Merseyside’s children; abuse is only newsworthy when the perp’s an indigenous heterosexual male.

rhian lubin drunk ginger whore

Unless the patriarchy or white privilege, or one of these nonsensical manufactured terms Leftist drones like Rhian Lubin are fed at their crumby state schools and universities, are involved, it is in fact a NON-STORY to the Leftist media.
If the sexual grooming is perpetrated by a gay, lesbian, Muslim, Jew, woman or non-ethnically English Brit, the Left aren’t interested.
Well, we at the EKP are!
We love and respect children, and will fight to protect them from sexual deviants, a morally corrupt Leftist state, and vile rape and paedophilia apologising scum like Rhian Lubin.
Lubin has the heartache, depression and tears of Liverpool’s children on her hands and I for one will NOT sit idly by without saying anything.
Bottom line-whether it’s ignoring the rape and abuse of children in South Africa or the plight of British children raised in single parent households that have been preyed upon by Muslims and homosexuals, the left should be ashamed of themselves.
In Liverpool, no reporter fits the bill better than paedophile apologist/enabler and Liverpool Echo/Trinity Mirror reporter, Rhian Lubin.
Congrats Rhian. You’re the EKP’s ‘Paedophile Apologist of the Year,”
One last thought. I wonder if Lubin is as much of a leftie when it comes to Israel. They usually aren’t!
If you’re unsure why I’ve written this last statement “you might want to have a gander at the Talmud. It might enlighten you as to why so many Jews are leftists in Europe, while they’re as far right as Atilla the Hun politically, when it comes to Israel and how they treat and view the Palestinians.”
And here is Lubin’s personal blog which illustrates what’s truly important to this vile feminist. Pole dancing!
My housemate’s a pole dancer


“I’ll be back in a bit guys, just going on the pole” is a sentence I never thought I’d get used to hearing in my house, but now it’s just the norm.
My housemate, a fiery feminist and final-year Politics student, Sam Roberts, has a pole in her bedroom and goes to pole dancing classes every week. She’s been dancing since she was five years old, starting with Ballet, only taking to the pole a year ago. She is already incredible, sometimes teaching classes herself.
1383332_10202392524164387_453824101_nI am ashamed to admit I raised a brow when I learnt of my housemate’s hobby, given she has strong feminist values, but Sam showed me why I was wrong to judge, and how there is a lot more skill to pole fitness than I first realised.
“There are some people who think it’s weird that I pole dance and am a feminist. But to me, feminism is about choice and I don’t do this for anyone else’s enjoyment but my own. And even people that do, it’s still their choice. It’s not a feminist issue for me.”
“It’s just about the exercise and the dancing, the way it looks, the skill that is involved. It’s interpretation”, she tells me.
“Women have a right to their own bodies and what they wanna do with their bodies. I say that to people if they’re ever funny about it.”
Swansea SU very recently banned their pole fitness society, saying it is “inextricably linked to the multi-million pound sex industry”. Not surprisingly, Sam doesn’t agree.
“They’re so wrong to ban it, Swansea are just stigmatising it further. It should be about the skill involved and people really need to broaden their definition of what dancing includes.”
She tells me, “It’s my body, I can do what I want!” – and I couldn’t agree more.
It is my body and I can do what I want, but only to a certain extent, because I am not flexible or agile in the slightest. I had a go anyway.
The Tab: Why do you like it?
Sam: The people that do it don’t take it as seriously. It’s such a laugh. The people who do it are so supportive of one another.
Who can do it?
Anyone! Some women who do it are size 20. Anyone can do it if they wanted to! No one is excluded and that’s why I like it.
How long does it take to learn a move?
You build up your strength so quickly, you can’t do something one week and then the next week you can, by some miracle!
Are there any important qualities that help before you start?
Flexibility is definitely more important than strength.
How many times a week do you practise?
Three or four times a week. It’s too much really because you can bruise your body.
Ever used it as a pick up line? 
Yep. “I’m a student and I’m also a pole dancer” usually goes down quite well.
Would you ever consider doing it for money?
I’d never pole dance for money. Fair enough if that’s what they wanna do, I’m not gonna judge them. But no, I would not.
What do your parents think of it, Dad in particular?
They don’t really mind…my Dad doesn’t really say anything. He’s not anti it, he’s just like “fair enough, keep it to yourself and don’t do a newspaper article…” [we end the interview here!]
Two days after my lesson, the insides of my legs are bruised, and I can barely lift my arms. Pole fitness is not for the faint hearted, and there is so much more skill involved than I could’ve possibly imagined.
Photos by the wonderful Charlotte Wilson