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Ron Kukal has been tirelessly fighting the establishment for almost five decades, spreading truth surrounding the attack on the USS Liberty everywhere he is given a platform from which to speak. From his service as chaplain of the USS Liberty Association, prolific writing and public speaking, hosting of the USS Liberty radio program alongside fellow survivor and friend Phil Tourney, work with the USS Liberty Archives, ministry and outreach work, as well as the assistance he’s given the families of the men that lost their lives during the attack on the USS Liberty, Ron has committed his life to the USS Liberty, and will not rest until God’s work has been done.

“This year I was able to speak at churches in 6 states. I am hopeful that my work will take me to many more next year. God has a special role in my surviving the attack on the USS Liberty and my life’s work now will be to tell as many people about it while I am on this earth.” Ron Kukal, Former US Naval Petty Officer


On the afternoon of June 8, 1967, the USS Liberty, a $40-million dollar state-of-the-art US Naval intelligence vessel, was suddenly and without warning, heinously attacked by unmarked Israeli air and naval forces, as it sailed in international waters 15 miles off the Sinai Peninsula.

Through the grace of God, Ron Kukal, who was on duty two decks below survived this attack.  Ron was one of the first men sent below for body recovery and has been battling both the establishment and deep state’s efforts to erase the Liberty from the historical record for the past five decades.

Since June 8, 1967, Ron Kukal has fought tirelessly to see that the 34 brave men that lost their lives that fateful day did not die in vain, that the state responsible for their murders will one day be brought to justice, and the American politicians bought and paid for by special interests groups working within our government, will be viewed as the traitors they are.

Born in a small town in Nebraska, Ron Kukal signed up for the US Navy out of school where he served his country as a Communications Technician. It was in the Navy that not only would Ron learn what it is to be a man but the hard truth about our government – how elements in the Deep State are what stand between us and genuine Liberty. The attack on the Liberty ended Ron’s Naval career. It was at this point he embarked on a spiritual journey to tell people how his belief in God is not only what saved him that tragic day in 1967, but has guided him on his life’s mission since. He does so through this ministry.


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All proceeds go to Ron Kukal’s efforts to help the USS Liberty Veteran Association’s continued commitment to aiding the brave men that served aboard the USS Liberty.


8 facts even the most ardent American neoconservatives don’t dare contest

  1. After tracking the USS Liberty for nearly 12 hours, with almost hourly aircraft reconnaissance overflights….Israel fighter jets and torpedo boats launched a devastating 75 minute attack on the American vessel, killing 34 young seamen and wounding 171 more – a staggering two thirds of the ships crew were either killed or seriously maimed in the premeditated attack on the United States.
  2. Prior to the attack Israeli pilots circled the ship at low levels more than a dozen times during eight separate surveillance trips. They would have been able to see the sailors, the flag, details of the ships construction etc. it was very obviously 100% made in the USA.
  3. Radio operators aboard the ship, as well as in Lebanon, southern Italy and as far off as Bavaria heard and recorded the Israeli pilots report that they were monitoring an American ship-yes AMERICAN ship –  a few brief hours prior to the unprovoked, premeditated, horrific attack.
  4. Although the Israelis, led by Moshe Dayan, primary goal was to sink the ship, pin the blame on Egypt and sit back and watch as America nuked the hell out of Cairo-killing several million innocent Egyptians in the process.
  5. In spite of shooting the American sailors trying to put out the fires on deck, destroying the ships communications, strafing the Liberty with Napalm, the Israelis were unable to sink the USS Liberty, leaving men like Ron to speak for the men that did lose their lives.
  6. Without a shadow of a doubt, Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty was anything but a deliberate act of state terrorism and the elaborate, highly coordinated effort that involved air, sea, and commando forces was preplanned.
  7. It was not the “few rounds of misdirected fire” that Israel have attempted to have the world believe. Nor was the state of the art, conspicuously American naval vessel, quote “mistaken by Israel for an Egyptian ship”, as American President Lyndon Johnson, after secretly meeting with Israeli lobbyists and high ranking Jewish officials, would tell the American public.
  8. Israelis attack on the USS liberty is still the single worst attack perpetrated against the united states by a foreign government since ww2.
  9. The US Government has covered up details surrounding the attack for almost fifty years
  10. The survivors of the USS Liberty have been betrayed by our government.


Ron Kukal has been tirelessly fighting the establishment for almost five decades, spreading truth surrounding the attack on the USS Liberty everywhere he is given a platform from which to speak. From his service as chaplain of the USS Liberty Association, prolific writing and public speaking, hosting of the USS Liberty radio program alongside fellow survivor and friend Phil Tourney, work with the USS Liberty Archives, ministry and outreach work, as well as the assistance he’s given the families of the men that lost their lives during the attack on the USS Liberty, Ron has committed his life to the USS Liberty, and will not rest until God’s work has been done.


* To Donate to our efforts – please send donations via PAYPAL to

To do so via bank card please do so via this secure payments page.

All proceeds go to Ron Kukal’s efforts to help the USS Liberty Veteran Association’s continued commitment to aiding the brave men that served aboard the USS Liberty.


June 8, 1967

At 0900 hours, in accordance with its original operating orders, the Liberty made a sharp right-hand turn and reduced speed to five knots. The ship was doubling back in a westerly direction roughly parallel to the Egyptian coast north of El Arish. As Ennes ordered the turn, the Liberty was 25 miles from Gaza and less than 30 miles from the nearest point on the Israeli coast. The ship was now perfectly placed to listen to IDF movement orders – orders for many Israeli units in Sinai to turn around and move north, to assist with the consolidation of Israel’s capture of the West Bank and, more importantly, an attack on Syria. (I was in Sinai at the time reporting for ITN, and I saw some of the Israel tanks that had smashed through Egypt’s defences being loaded onto huge lorry-drawn trailers for transportation northwards).

As the Liberty was turning, a single jet aircraft was watching from a distance. Then, at 1000 hours, two delta-winged jets armed with rockets circled the ship three times. On this occasion the planes came close enough for Ennes and other officers on the bridge to see the pilots in their cockpits through binoculars. The odd thing, or so the Americans on the Liberty’s bridge thought, was that the two planes did not seem to have any markings.

In retrospect, it is obvious that the 1000 hours visit was something of a trial run, to enable the pilots to take a view on whether or not the first set of pictures taken by the Noratlas would enable them to attack the Liberty’s communications facilities with pin-point accuracy.

Events suggest that the two pilots who were to lead the attack were not happy and wanted more photographs to enable them to guarantee such pinpoint accuracy. After their report, the Noratlas made three more over flights.

At 1030 hours – this time passing directly over the Liberty at a very low level, probably not more than 200 feet: at 1126 hours; and 1220 hours.

At 1310 hours, with lunch over, the crew of the Liberty conducted a series of drills including fire, damage control and gas attack. That took 40 minutes. Captain McGonagle then addressed the ship’s officers and crew. In the normal course of events he would have confined himself to complimenting them (or not) on the job done in the drills. But on this particular afternoon, the fourth of the war – they could see the smoke of battle on the shoreline, he knew that his men were in need of reassurance. After the Noratlas’s fourth reconnaissance over-flight there had been mutterings of fear. The Israelis had obviously identified the Liberty several times over. What, really, did they want?

McGonagle addressed the concern of his ship’s company by stressing that they had been under surveillance by “friendly” forces. Given that and the fact that they (the friendly forces) could not have failed to identify the Liberty, the captain was implying that his men should dismiss from their minds the possibility of an attack. He was saying – without saying – that the Israelis could not attack the Liberty without knowing it was the Liberty they were attacking.

At 1405 hours the “friends” returned, led by three Mirages each armed with 72 rockets and two 30-mm cannons. This time there was no circling. At high speed they came straight for the Liberty, so fast that between the time they appeared as blips on the ship’s radar and the start of their attack, Ennes and others on the bridge barely had time to grab and focus their binoculars.

For seven minutes the three Mirages made furious, crisscross runs, hitting the Liberty with everything they had. The first rockets fired toppled several of the ship’s antennae. After the Mirages and for about another 20 minutes, the air attack was continued by several Mystere fighters. They were slower than the Mirages and therefore more efficient for staffing and dropping canisters of napalm. (Napalm is a highly inflammable petroleum jelly. In Vietnam I witnessed American ground forces using it in flame-throwers to burn entire villages. It can reduce a human body to a handful of black pulp). The fact that the Israelis resorted to use of napalm for their attack on the Liberty is on its own proof enough that Dayan wanted there to be no survivors to tell the tale.

When the first attack was over the Liberty had 621 holes in its sides and decks, including over 100 rocket holes six to eight inches wide: and not counting the shrapnel damage. As author Richard Smith wrote, Israeli pilots with the greatest ease could “butcher a large, slow moving and defenceless target like the Liberty,” and the Mirages’ ordnance, designed to penetrate the armour of tanks, “punched through the Liberty’s 22 year-old shell-plating like a hammer against an old block of cheese.”[xi]

Within a minute or so of the start of the attack Captain McGonagle had ordered a report be made to the Chief of Naval Operations. It was an order he gave more in hope than expectation of it being executed – because he was aware that the ship’s transmission facilities had been the first priority for the attacking planes. But… At 1410 hours, five minutes after the attack started, the Liberty’s Chief Radioman, Wayne Smith, did succeed in transmitting an open-channel “Mayday” distress call for assistance. He was subsequently to tell the Navy Board of Inquiry that as soon as the attack started, the participating planes and/or shore-based units were jamming the Liberty’s radios. He recalled that five of the ship’s six shore circuits were very quickly jammed and that whoever was doing it “went searching” for the last circuit. It was on this last circuit that Smith was able to transmit the call for assistance. Because it was an open-channel transmission, the Israelis obviously heard it. The question then waiting for an answer was – would any of the warships of the American Sixth Fleet hear it and, if they did, how would they respond?

Correction – would they be allowed by President Johnson to respond?

Phase two of the attack was executed by three Israeli motor torpedo boats (MTBs). The Liberty’s crew were fighting the fires caused by the air attack when the MTBs announced their arrival by opening up with their 0.20-mm and 0.40-mm guns. Their main task was to sink the Liberty. For that purpose – could there have been any other? – they fired three torpedoes. One struck the communications room dead centre in Number 3 hold, killing in an instant 25 of the 34 men who died in the entire attack. The 25, including the “Major”, were entombed in the flooded wreckage.

Ten years later, the consequences of the combined air and sea attacks were summarised by one of the surviving crew members, Joseph C. Lentini of Maryland, in a letter to the editor of the Washington Star. It was published on 4 October 1977. Lentini wrote: “In less than 39 minutes a fine ship was reduced to a bullet-ridden, napalm scorched and helpless floating graveyard. In those 39 minutes boys brought up in the peaceful aftermath of a horrendous world war experienced their first, and for some their last, trial of fire.”

The Liberty was now listing nine degrees and the MTBs were circling slowly, directing their canon fire at the ship’s bridge and any activity that could be seen on the deck and, also, at the ship’s waterline in an apparent effort to explode its boilers.

What happened next was yet more evidence that Dayan wanted no survivors. Note, the Jewish virtual library refers to Dayan as a crusader for peace.

The order “Prepare to abandon ship!” was followed, naturally, by the lowering of the first lifeboats. As they touched the water the Israeli MTBs moved closer and shot them to pieces. Among the Liberty crewmen who witnessed this was Petty Officer Charles Rowley. He also observed the concentration of machine-gun fire on the life-boats still stored on deck. After the attack he carefully photographed the shredded boats, thinking that one day his pictures would help to tell a story. When eventually he told it to Stephen Green, Rowley said, “They didn’t want anybody to live.”[xii]

At 1505 or thereabouts (a time to remember) the MTBs suddenly broke off their attack and departed at high-speed in a “V” formation. They went to a distance of about five miles to await further orders.

The Liberty now had no engines, no rudder and no power. And was taking in water.

Nine of its officers and crew were known dead; another 25 were missing and correctly presumed to be dead (in the communications room that had taken the torpedo); and 171 were wounded. Those who were wounded but not incapacitated joined with the other 90 who had survived unscathed and set about collecting bodies, dressing wounds, fighting fires, stringing lights and hand-operated phone sets, repairing the engines and, above all, trying to keep the Liberty afloat.

While they worked on those tasks, two large Israeli SA-321 Super Frelon helicopters put in an appearance and slowly circled the stricken ship. Both were clearly marked with a large Star of David. A rescue mission? No. (Presumably there had not been time to paint out the Stars of David because the attack was not going according to plan. The Liberty was supposed to have been sunk by now).

The cargo bay doors were open and Liberty crewmen could see that both helicopters were crammed with armed troops (Israeli Special Forces). And a machine gun was mounted in each of the cargo bays.

On the Liberty Captain McGonagle gave the order he deemed to be appropriate. “Standby to repel borders!”[xiii]

As reported by Ennes, the next voice was that of an ordinary sailor, hysterical but logical and probably speaking for many. “They’ve come to finish us off!”[xiv]

The Israelis had come to do just that, but not yet. For the moment the helicopter pilots and the commanders of the Special Forces on board were under orders to look – to take their measure of the target – and pass by. To await, like the MTBs, further orders.

How was it going to end?

At 1536 hours the MTBs returned, accompanied by two unmarked, armed jets. They were coming for the kill. They were to finish off the Liberty, sink it – the MTBs with more torpedoes; the Special Forces on board the Super Frelon helicopters to do the mopping up, shooting dead any survivors bobbing in the water.

That was to have been the third and final phase of the Israeli attack, gut-Zionism’s final solution, one might say, to the problem of the Liberty and its secrets. There were to be no survivors to tell the tale of what had really happened, and, just as critical from Dayan’s point of view, no survivors to reveal to the American authorities any of the information the Liberty’s complex intelligence apparatus had gathered about the IDF’s preparations for an invasion of Syria.

But it did not happen. At the last minute the third and final phase of the Israeli attack was aborted. The MTBs and the two jets disappeared. Why?

The short answer is that eight aircraft from the U.S. carriers Saratoga and America were on their way to assist the Liberty with orders to “destroy or drive off any attackers.”[xv]

The longer answer is the incredible story of the struggle by elements of the U.S. military to overcome the resistance of an American President to go to the assistance of American servicemen who, defenceless, were under attack by a “friend” and ally.

The first attempt to assist the Liberty was what Green described as a “reflexive” one, meaning that it was the instant response – human as well as professional – of the captain of one of the Sixth Fleet’s aircraft carriers, the U.S.S. Saratoga. Its captain was Joseph Tully.

The Saratoga had received the Liberty’s open-channel “Mayday” distress call and enough information to know that the ship was being attacked by what Radioman Smith had described as “unidentified” aircraft.

By chance the Saratoga was conducting an exercise when it picked up the Liberty’s message and four A-1 Skyhawks were launch-ready on its decks. Captain Tully was handed the Liberty’s message by Navigator Max Morris. After a brief discussion with him, Tully ordered the Saratoga to head into the wind. Less than 15 minutes after the start of the Israeli attack, armed U.S. planes were in the air. The estimated flight time to the Liberty was about 30 minutes. The unthinkable – a confrontation between U.S. and Israeli warplanes – was, it seemed, about to happen

Over the Sixth Fleet’s Primary Tactical Manoeuvring Circuit radio network Captain Tully then informed the fleet’s Commander, Admiral Martin, of the Liberty’s predicament and his response. Martin not only endorsed Tully’s action, he used the same circuit to order the U.S.S. America, the other carrier in Carrier Task Force 60, also to launch planes to protect the Liberty. But… The America did not respond immediately.

In Green’s reconstruction of events, that was because it was not in the same state of alert or readiness as the Saratoga. That might not have been the whole story. There is evidence that Captain (later Admiral) Donald Engen was not going to launch any of the America’s planes immediately even if he could have done so – because he was insisting on playing by the rules to protect his own back and career prospects. What were the rules? Years later former Congressman Findley was to quote Engen as saying: “President Johnson had very strict control. Even though we knew the Liberty was under attack, I couldn’t just go and order a rescue.”[xvi]

In any event it was only minutes after the Saratoga’s launch that the Commander of Carrier Task Force 60, Rear Admiral Geis, issued an order for the recall of the A-1s and minutes later they were back on the Saratoga’s deck. They were not to respond to the Liberty’s desperate plea for assistance.

One inference is that Captain Engen communicated with Rear Admiral Geis and said something like, “Should we not clear this with our political masters in Washington?” And that Geis replied, “You bet”, or words to that effect.

President Johnson was very quickly informed – presumably by Defence Secretary McNamara – that the Liberty was under attack and that the Saratoga had launched planes to go to its assistance. Hence the order – from the President to the Defence Secretary – to recall the planes. In Findley’s account the Saratoga’s planes were hardly in the air when McNamara’s voice was heard over Sixth Fleet radios, “Tell the Sixth Fleet to get those aircraft back immediately!”[xvii]

Initially, President Johnson was – as Green put it – determined “that no U.S. aircraft would be thrust into an adversary role with the IDF, whatever the implication for the struggling U.S.S. Liberty.” Initially, and for the usual domestic political reason – fear of offending Zionism – this President was prepared to sacrifice the lives of 286 of his fellow Americans on board the Liberty.

What was about to happen indicates that for the best part of 30 minutes or so following the political decision to abandon the Liberty and its crew, elements of the U.S. military took on the President and shamed him into changing his mind. Their argument would have been to the effect that not going to the assistance of the Liberty was disgraceful and dishonourable in the extreme. It is reasonable to assume that this struggle with President Johnson (and those of his advisers he was taking most notice of – those who supported Israel right or wrong) was led initially by the Sixth Fleet’s Commander, Admiral Martin, to the cheers no doubt, of Captain Tully. But Martin could not have prevailed without the support of the Chief of Naval Operations and most if not all of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

At about 1500 hours (eastern Mediterranean time) President Johnson changed his mind and authorised some action. At 1505 hours a message from COMSIXTHFLT (Commander Sixth Fleet) was transmitted to the Liberty via plain-language radio. (For U.S. Navy file purposes the message was COMSIXTHFLT 081305Z – Z denoting Greenwich Mean Time, which was two hours earlier than eastern Mediterranean/local Liberty/Israeli time.) The message said: “Your flash traffic received. Sending aircraft to cover you. Surface units on the way. Keep situation reports coming.”

As it happened this message was not received by the Liberty because it had no electricity and was off the air.

Question: Was it co-incidence that at about the time the Commander of the Sixth Fleet was sending his message, the Israeli MTBs were ordered to break off their attack and withdraw five miles to await further instructions? I think not. Though the Liberty was unable to receive Admiral Martin’s plain-language radio message, it would have been picked up by IDF monitors. And that would have been enough for those around Dayan who had opposed the attack – in particular the general who had said it would amount to “pure murder” – to press for it to be called off, or, at least, for the situation to be urgently reviewed. It is also possible that President Johnson, desperate in the extreme to avoid a confrontation with the IDF, authorised Walt Rostow to use his network to inform the Israelis that U.S. warplanes were being launched to go to the Liberty’s assistance.

The next sequence of events, military and political, could not have been more dramatic. A writer of fiction would not have dared to invent them.

  • At 1516 hours Carrier Task Force 60 (Rear Admiral Geis now had his backside covered) ordered the Saratoga and the America to launch eight aircraft to assist the Liberty and to “destroy or drive off any attackers.”
  • At 1520 hours Admiral Martin informed the Commander of U.S. Armed Forces in Europe that aircraft were being deployed.
  • At 1536 hours (as previously noted) the Israeli MTBs moved in for the kill.
  • At 1539 Admiral Martin informed the Chief of Naval Operations in Washington of the actions being taken. The eight U.S. warplanes were going to be over the Liberty at about 1600 hours, plus or minus.
  • Minutes later the Israeli MTBs were ordered to abort their final attack and get the hell out of the area.
  • At 1614 the U.S. Defence Attaché in Tel Aviv informed the White House that the Naval Attaché had been called to the Foreign Liaison Office of the IDF to receive a report that Israeli aircraft and MTBs had “erroneously attacked U.S. ship.” It was “maybe Navy ship.” The Israelis, the Defence Attaché reported, “send abject apologies and request info on other U.S. ships near war zone coasts.”[xviii]
  • With that message in his hands, the Commander in Chief of all U.S. forces, President Johnson, ordered the eight U.S. warplanes to abort their mission and return to their carriers. And he accepted Israel’s explanation. The attack on the Liberty had been a ghastly mistake.

And that heinous lie became the official American and Israeli truth.


Transcripts from USS Liberty Archives interview with Ron Kukal

Full interview here


My partner in conversation today is one of the USS Liberty’s most vocal and determined survivors. His resolve is incredible. His efforts to see that what happened to his fellow seamen – 50 yrs ago next June – will never be forgotten, is awe inspiring.

Over the past 5 decades Ron Kukal has fought tirelessly to see that the 34 brave men that lost their lives that fateful day will not have died in vain. That the state responsible for their murders will one day be brought to justice. That the American politicians bought and paid for by our Zionsist oppressors will be viewed as the traitors they are.

So lets’ travel back a bit. You were born in rural Nebraska? Correct?

You once told me that you were quote “destined to join the Navy”. That you originally saw yourself serving a few yrs and then via the GI bill, attending university upon your return home. Can you tell us a little bit more about how you signed up, what you envisioned your life would be like when you first enlisted?

What about the Navy and military life in general made you want to re-enlist?

Was life good in the navy up until the incident? What was morale like pre Vietnam.

Can you tell us a little bit about the days prior to June 8th, what the liberty was doing off the Sinai peninsula, what life on the ship was like, how you spent your days?

What was your specific role on the ship?

The day itself.I know you’ve done this before but….if you could take us through it.

You once told me you heard a voice telling you to get down moments before the attack. Can you elaborate for our listeners?

You were sent back onto the ship after it was transported to Malta. Correct me if I am wrong but you were in charge of recovering the bodies? Can you please tell our listeners about the horrific things you saw when you went back down below?

The impact war has on our servicemen is in the news a lot due to discussions about PTSD-post traumatic stress disorder-returning vets experience, but it seems men that fought in earlier wars, like Vietnam, Korea, have all but been forgotten. One of my best mates who fought in the first and second Iraq conflicts, told me that as rough as it was, Iraq, and I quote, was a playpen compared to Vietnam. Yet we seem to have a lot more sympathy for vets of recent conflicts than we do of men who fought during your generation

Why do you think the public empathise with combat vets who saw action in recent conflicts more than men that fought in Vietnam, korea, conflicts taking place in the 60’s, and 70s? cant be all down to ‘what have you done for me lately’…

What has life been like since the attack?

Can you give me specific examples of how you and your shipmates have been pressured to remain silent?

Wasn’t an attempt made on Phil Tourney’s life life a few years back?

You….and I to a certain degree, have experienced the immense power the Zionist lobby wields over our nations firsthand. Can you pls give me some examples of pressure exerted against you and your family since your taking a leading role in bringing attention to the USS Liberty?

I’d like to get into how the American govt and Navy handled the incident a little. As I mentioned in my opening, President Johnson, who I believe was behind JFK’s assassination, was part of the massive coverup. How do you view him? How should he be viewed historically?

Several seamen filed formal complaints with congress.  How did congress react to the complaints?

Was even one genuine enquiry performed?

Am I correct in my belief that the Navy blocked all testimony discussing the specifics of Israeli engagement and that no survivor was permitted to describe the details of the event?

Can you tell me if the following statements are true or false?

The Navy forbid survivors from talking about the life rafts the Israeli torpedo men machine-gunned in the water.

That no survivor was permitted to challenge even blatant fabrications in Israel’s story.

That some survivors had their recorded eyewitness testimony altered by higher ups?

You were told that you were mistaken that the Israelis used Napalm when the evidence demonstrated the chemical weapon was used?


Would you say that the Navy was complicit?

I recall Ted kennedy, did some half hearted investigation which resulted in some sort of letter being sent to USS Liberty survivors which expressed his condolences and I quote, how “he deplored the tragic circumstances and loss of life” and declared that the facts about the Liberty must be uncovered “to the maximum extent humanly possible.” Yet quite remarkably, or should I say predictably, Kennedy failed to even mention Israel in the letter.

Did you receive Kennedy’s letter? Were you contacted during corrupt Ted’s investigation?

Then there were politicians like former republican nominee for President, John McCain who has literally gone out of his way to discredit survivors of the USS Liberty. Were you at the event where survivors protested McCain?

Do you think Donald Trump will revisit the liberty if he is elected? You and I have discussed sending Mr trump a letter to see if he plans on doing anything to right the wrongs perpetrated against the good people who set sail on the USS Liberty in the summer of 1967. We will see what comes of our efforts.

I also wanted to thank you for posting me the letter you received from governor of Wyoming. Perhaps you can tell our audience about Governor Mead’s gesture.

I know you do a lot of public speaking, travel to different churches. Do you find there are more people open to hearing about what actually happened on June 8, 1967 than there were in the past?

You and I discussed your travelling to Britain to speak. It proved a lot harder to find people willing to give you the platform to speak than I originally thought. I was involved with a self –described nationalist and anti-zionist named jez Turner some time back-the fellow that runs the London Forum. I thought he would have been keen to have someone who’d survived the USS Liberty speak, however the moment I discussed bringing a god fearing Christian USS Liberty survivor to speak at his forum to tell their story, he immediately clammed up. He wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. He preferred I seek out skin heads, neo Nazis that cover their faces as they shout racial eptihets to come and speak. I’ve come to the realisation that many so-called nationalists and anti zionists are happy engaging lunatics who spout irrational hatred of Jews, however the moment a genuine victim of Zionism wants to speak. They run for the hills. After all tin foil hat hatred of jews serves our enemies interests while hearing what rational men who have been genuinely vicitmised, does not! Sad.

Ron, you recently told me….I quote, “It has been 23 years of havoc, but I’ve made it.  I have been fighting to get the Liberty story out for almost fifty tumultuous yrs. But I have no regrets. I have done it for one reason, I care about my family, your family, and our shared way of life. My work can’t be destroyed, even if I am destroyed in the process.  The oath I took when I joined the US armed forces stands, even to this day. I just now fight alongside you, and other brave patriots looking to defend our lands from evil.”

This was something that really touched me. It stuck with me. Although I jotted it down from memory, I am assuming these sentiments still hold true today.

Has your resolve at all wavered?

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All proceeds go to Ron Kukal’s efforts to help the USS Liberty Veteran Association’s continued commitment to aiding the brave men that served aboard the USS Liberty.

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