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Australians Against Genocide in South Africa

  The EKP SA page, partnered with Australians Against Genocide in South Africa, is dedicated to improving the lives of minority South Africans & exposing the inhumanity they’ve been subjected to since 1994. We are not a race based group and welcome people of all ethnicities, nationalities and racial backgrounds on our website. Marxism seeks to divide based on race and incite hatred against whites using people from other backgrounds. We want to unite so we can reclaim our lands from our oppressors. These are our stories.

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Jack Sen
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Jack Sen
Richard Anderson

Monthly Message from a concerned SA gran. Dispelling the myths…

Dear friends,
I would like to sum up what you have been seeing on social media lately. Firstly the claims of the black people of South Africa that we whites stole their land.

Scott Balson , best selling author of at least 8 books including “Children in the mist” has done 30 years  research of the Griqua people of South Africa.

He calmly and in detail explains who was in the Cape when Jan van Riebeek arrived here in 1652, namely the Koi-koi – then known as the Hottentot when in the Cape , and they met the San tribe (known as the Bushman) when they crossed the Orange river into the now Orange Free State. These nomadic people peacefully co-existed with  the new settlers.  The first black tribes were encountered in the late 1800’s East of Lesoto in in what we now know as Qua Zulu Natal.

As soon as Jan van Riebeek and company arrived they started building homes and established fruit and vegetable farms to feed the crews and passengers passing the Cape on their way to the far East on trading missions.From there the infrastructure grew and we became a thriving farming community.Some of the settlers moved further inland where later the discovery of diamonds and caught the interest of nations.  We fought the English in two Boer wars and suffered greatly when they captured the women and children who were left on the farms,and confined them in concentration camps where in terrible conditions many died. But in the end we won our freedom.

The world condemned South Africa for our  policy of separate development, called ‘Apartheid’but ignored the many advantages the black people enjoyed ; very many schools and Universities and fully equipped modern hospitals were built for them to only mention a few. All paid for out of the taxpayer’s pockets.

In spite of sanctions our economy  grew and we became a strong a strong first world country which we handed over to ANC government in the 1994 elections. the terrorist attacks started then and escalated until now are reaching exponential heights. 100 000 instances of Torture rapes and Murder. Every day new reports of attacks on farmers and other white citizens , urban unrest destruction of private and public property worth millions of Rands . even police stations burnt to the ground and  hospitals targeted,   And through all this the government is silent, and the police are also not able or willing to curb the crime.

Expropriation without recompense  is about to be passed in parliament but Julius Malema of the EFF is not waiting for that . He is seen at  every rally doing the toi-toi and what seems like his theme song,,,,Shoot the Boer, kill the farmer, encouraging the violence and theft of everything his followers can lay their hands on.

When this happened in Zimbabwe the white people were told to pack up taking only a suitcase and leave everything behind- thriving productive farms and also the homes of city dwellers. they fled to South Africa or further afield.

If we in South Africa receive that message where do we go. Those who can will emigrate but what of those who don’t have the means to leave. These people are many and we have many white squatter camps  .They are not there because they are lazy, but because of the government’s policy of black empowerment. Whites are not permitted to seek employment.

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