Washington Com-Post fake news: John de Nugent and cohorts are defaming poor little Leo Frank!

Leo Frank was lynched for a murder he didn’t commit. Now neo-Nazis are trying  to rewrite history [umm, and succeeding with something called facts]  [source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/retropolis/wp/2017/05/22/leo-frank-was-lynched-for-a-murder-he-didnt-commit-now-neo-nazis-are-trying-to-rewrite-history/?utm_term=.ae4f0e79a4c7] I guess they don’t like this! 😉 I am a curator there. Or this,on my own site: https://johndenugent.com/category/mary-phagan-leo-frank/ . Or audiobooks like this: . . Margi Huffstickler recorded this audiobook: […]